What are digital safety scoreboards?

Digital safety scoreboards help keep track of accident-free days by serving as constant reminders to workers to refrain from causing an accident lest the scoreboard be reset. Therefore, they not only keep a record, but also increase workplace safety by motivating employees.

Essentially, scoreboards change the way safety is viewed in the workplace. Rather than regarding company safety records from a negative standpoint (injury, death, liability, compensation, lost productivity), scoreboards focus on the positive (teamwork, responsibility, hard work, attentiveness) and broadcast the company’s efforts and success rate for everyone to see. Scoreboards act as a constant team builder to instill and boost company solidarity.

Safety scoreboards display the number of accident-free days digitally in the same way points are kept track of in a game. The digital number tally therefore symbolizes a summation of the company's efforts in terms of "points." As a result, safety turns into a form of competition—but rather than pitting the company against itself, it's a game in which the entire company works together against accidents.

The scoreboards work electronically so they must be plugged into an outlet at all times. In the event of a power loss or accidental disconnect, the display will go dark. However, the scoreboard will still remember the number of days. When power is restored, the display will reappear with the proper amount of days.

Bear in mind, though, that while the days will reappear, the lost time is not remembered. Therefore, you will have to shift time back by the amount of time the power was off. Luckily, electronic scoreboards come with a small remote control that allows you to alter the display. If you want to pause or reset, the remote control allows you to do that, so make sure not to lose it! Some scoreboards have a pouch on the back for the remote control for just these situations.

Because they have to plug into an outlet, you may be limited in placement unless you have a good extension cord. Ideally, place the scoreboard less than six feet away from a 120 V power source. For optimum visibility, mount the scoreboard in a conspicuous location and high-traffic area so employees and visitors can't miss it.

Electronic Safety Scoreboard Digital safety scoreboards need to be plugged in, so make sure you plan on hanging yours near an outlet!